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Skills Needed

What kind of skills are required to participate?

ANYONE can find a place to work on our expeditions. Below are some ideas, but we find a worthwhile place for everyone.

- Medical staff are always welcome to apply their knowledge.
- Doctors can do checkups on those who cannot afford to have them done;
- Nurses can check for high blood pressure which is rampant but undiagnosed for many;
- Physical therapists will find no shortage of those needing their services.
- Dentists can check and fix childrens teeth.
- Public Health people can help educate the populace about sanitation, cholera, etc
The list goes on....

- Engineers and those with construction skills can help with water projects, housing projects and sanitary projects.

- Teachers - ALL teachers are welcome to work with and teach our Haitian staff new things! Are you trained in sanitary practices? Are you a Social Worker? A psychologist?

- Translators are always needed. We will always have a translator on site, but depending on the size of the group, we always need more!

- Photographer / Videographer - We document whatever we do and need volunteers to help do this. If you have post-production skills, even better!

- Childcare - We ALWAYS need help to look after the kids. Do you like kids? They will LOVE you!!

- Writer - Working with photographers/videographers. we need your writing skills to help document the experience for everyone.