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Father Barnabas - HAITI

  • Orthodox Faithful in Haiti
    The Orthodox Faithful gather in Haiti

"Lift up and stretch out your hands, not to heaven but to the poor; for if you stretch out your hands to the poor, you have reached the summit of heaven". - St. John Chrysostom

Did you know? Haiti was the FIRST nation to recognize Greece after its independence in 1826

  A Message from Fr. Barnabas:
"Greetings to you from the Orthodox Community in Haiti. I’m happy to say a few things about myself and my mission as well; time goes fast it is already 23 years from now since I became an Orthodox Christian, it was in April 1990. I rose from protestant where my father was a pastor but I was waiting until I am 18 so I can decide which religion to choose but it was confusing since we have millions of them. I never thought it would be Orthodox since I did not know about this religion here in Haiti.
          But God sent to me an Orthodox priest whom I met in my town of Haiti and we communicated and became friends then I start going to his Church and I saw things different then all of the others churches that I knew. So, I felt I was in the right place, I felt the true light of the Holly Spirit, and I chose to become an orthodox Christian.
          And after seven years following my baptism in the orthodox church I decide to get married and go to Greece to study theology and become an orthodox priest, since then I come back to Haiti and start my mission work, in august 2002 we established our parish and baptized more than 1000 members in Petion Ville, Haiti.
          In June 2003 I decided to start an orthodox school so I can help the people since it is an obligation in Haiti for all of the religious ministries to have schools in order to help the people here in Haiti since they have no government’s schools. So I started it I was planning to have 300 kids but we had 500 more than I needed. Yet, we accepted them since they would stay in their homes because their families had no funds to pay the fees in the other schools.
          In this current October I had 350 children in the school, but because their parents can’t buy them their uniform, shoes and materials of the school we missed 100 presently we have 250 today in the school. With your help I believe we will have those missing be returning back to school again for this coming year.
          Yet as a free school it is an obligation to pay the rents of the building of the school, it is an obligation to pay the staff of employees. As often, I can’t offer any salary to my staff for the current year. Up to today I owed them many months. I was able to offer them something just because I get some loan from friends of mine and need to be reimbursing as soon as possible. Today we are like Lazarus who searching for foods to your table I ask that you offer you’re support financial to us. I don’t mean you are like the rich man, but let’s share what we have to make those who can’t support themselves be better.
          The children are the future of the Orthodoxy here in Haiti, they are the future of Haiti as well but with no education they can’t be any future rather to the orthodox or Haiti. Many of them still living under the tents since they lost their homes and have no money to rent houses, the conditions that they are living are lamentable yet the children are very intelligent in school, if it was not for our mission many of these kids would find themselves still be in the street.
          I had established another school and parish but the earthquake destroys it and some of these children are in the street, I don’t want to see those poor children in the street too. Therefore I ask for your help.
          Haiti & Greece had a supper good relationship in the past let’s keep that good relationship alive. No matter what nationality or religion you may be please we need your contribution. Don’t hesitate to help us your help will come directly to us here in Haiti to continue our desperate mission.

May God bless you all!"